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The business

Tailor-made advice and support

We will be by your side to analyse your needs and issues by providing specific, tailor-made  solutions in line with your business strategy. By developing personalized campaigns, forming teams and selecting reliable, dedicated profiles, we are the qualitative extension of your company.


Not only can we provide you with teams of all sizes, we have the know-how to adapt to all types of changes within your business. Through the implementation of quality services provided by loyal team members, we are proud to offer cost-effective, flexible, and efficient solutions.


Our qualified teams are always here to help, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve business solutions  within your company. With a strong advisory component and a loyal partnership, we offer the necessary tools for your  company to innovate, distinguish itself, and create new opportunities; our primary objective is to improve the efficiency of your business. 

Our offers /Know-how

Commercial development

Which targets should we approach, and what kind of potential does each one represent? How to turn a prospect into a client? Take advantage of our team’s expertise. 


⦁ Market conquest (Call Blending / Web / Fulfilment) :
⦁ Reserve sales force
⦁ Qualified B2B and B2C meetings & appointments 
⦁ Distance selling
⦁ Creation of web traffic
⦁ Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) qualification systems
⦁ Product detection
⦁ Product/market tests
⦁ Scoring

Customer Relations

Our teams are here to help, boasting extensive experience in the field and expert knowledge developed across a range of successful projects.


⦁ Sales and loyalty marketing (Call Blending / Web / Fulfilment):
⦁ Order tracking, delivery, pick-up
⦁ Customer support at order entry
⦁ “Purchaser” registration file management and validation
⦁ Technical support and remote troubleshooting
⦁ Hotline, Helpdesk
⦁ Debt collection
⦁ Remote secretarial services

Social and HR

We provide expert consulting and support services geared specifically for Social and HR.


⦁ Job listings (collective and individual classification)
⦁ Hidden “Target” market prospecting
⦁ Social project lead prospecting
⦁ Qualified and targeted appointment booking
⦁ Sales (training, skills evaluation …)
Economic development:
⦁ Local support services
⦁ Re-industrialisation
⦁ Consulting services
⦁ Reporting company presence in specific job pools
⦁ Activity development lead prospecting

Research & Study

Understanding your target’s expectations, and providing you the keys to successful expansion and development.


⦁ Customer loyalty  (Call Blending / Web / Fulfilment) :
⦁ B2B & B2C satisfaction surveys
⦁ Customer services
⦁ Churn Analysis
⦁ Distribution management
⦁ Image & notoriety, opinion, customer behaviour
⦁ “Mystery customer” surveys

A multi-channel approach

Telpro can help you develop multi-channel customer relations strategies to maximise and optimise points of contact, synergies, and interaction traceability.

Tried and tested technology

Customized technology infrastructure and tailor-made IT solutions
Our IT department is here to support you throughout your project, from launch to delivery, providing an interactive platform to monitor results safely, autonomously, and in real time.

A market-tested CTI solution

Data protection, daily back-up, crypted data transfer.

IT interconnection (VPN)

IT audit and consulting services (ITIL-certified staff)

⦁ Development of specific IT solutions, fully compliant with current standards (SQL SERVER, PHP, VB.NET,PYTHON, XML)

Implementation of dashboards according to your needs and data infrastructure

Commitment to quality and continuous improvement .

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