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Tailor-made advice and support

Telpro supports you in the analysis of your projects and your objectives to provide you with outsourcing solutions in line with your business strategy. Through the development of tailor-made campaigns, team training and a selection of specialized employees, we are the qualitative extension of your business.


Telpro puts teams of all sizes at your service and we know how to adapt perfectly to changes in your organization thanks to our qualified collaborators.
Telpro is a flexible and efficient outsourcing solution.


Telpro is constantly looking to improve your results. With our advisory dimension, and true associates at your side, we do everything we can to allow you to innovate, to differentiate yourself and to create new opportunities; Improving your business efficiency is our primary goal.

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A multichannel approach

Technologies are our key tools in terms of customer relations and information security (GDPR compliance).

Telpro has a multi-channel approach in order to maximize the points of contact, their synergy and maintain the traceability of interactions. Our technical architecture consists of dedicated servers which host the various site applications in a secure network :

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information, we will be able to meet your needs.

Commitment to a quality and continuous improvement approach.

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